Listen…that sounds like such a simple thing to do. But do we honestly do it? In the midst of everything going on in our lives do we hear or do we listen? They sound the same but they are different.

We can hear those around us but are we really listening to what they are saying. Do we actually take the time to really understand and take in what they are saying? Do we really slow down for minute and process what they are saying. There is usually so much more to what is being said than just the words. There is often emotions behind the words. That phrase…read between the lines…well we should really listen between the lines. Really hear what is going on.

There is often so much more that we can pick up on. It will provide real insight into the person and what they are really meaning and what they are really trying to say. The question is. Do we really want to know? Do we want to listen and know the truth? Or do we want to pretend and just take things at surface level?

Those who are speaking do we really want to let people in? Do we hint at things and hope that people pick up on the queues? Are we afraid to really let people listen to what we are saying and see into who we really are? We are okay with the surface and giving off the appearance that we have it altogether.

Now many of us have someone who can pick up on the hints and will listen. But some people are hoping that there is that person who will really take the time to listen and fully hear what they are saying. They want someone to take the extra few minutes to really find out what’s really going on. They want to have a real conversation.

When was the last time that you had a real conversation? Not just talking about the latest movie or piece of gossip but really talking about what you are going through and dealing with? Where the Lord is taking you?

Are you scared to have these conversations with those who are closest to you for fear of being rejected and ignored…not heard? Is it easier to open up to strangers and those who don’t know the full story?

Do you hide behind who people think you are? Not actually let them in? Just talk about the surface things because you don’t want to expose your true hurts and your true feelings? Why can’t we just take the time to stop….and just listen.

Listen to one another. Let the person talk. Not necessarily give advice back (though sometimes it’s warranted) but why can’t we just let them say what they need to say. Sometimes we just need to be heard and talk it out. We need to say it out loud to process it. Sometimes we just need someone to lend and ear and show us that they care.

We need to feel loved. We don’t need a bunch of words thrown back at us. We don’t need to hear about this one time that something happened to the other person. We just need to talk….we need to be heard. We need someone to listen.

We then in turn need to listen to others. We need to close our mouths and open our ears. I’ve heard it said he gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Now some of us….like myself are fixers. We hear a problem and we automatically want to just jump in and fix it. Yet sometimes we need to just pause….stop really and just listen. The other person doesn’t need us to do anything other than listen and love them and be there for them.

Wow….I’m having a revelation as I am typing this out. It’s very convicting for myself. I share this as this is something that I am continuing to learn. And I have been told that I’m a good listener at times. Though I do believe that I have a lot to learn.

I have a lot to learn with words too. I’m actually quite terrible with them. I struggle with saying them and conveying them. But if you give me the chance and you just listen…I’ll eventually really let you in. I’ll tell you the truths. I’ll share myself. It may take me a minute to formulate the thoughts.

With that I encourage you to just take a minute and listen. Really listen to someone. Don’t jump in with your thoughts, opinions, and views….unless they ask. Just listen…ask them probing questions if anything to really figure out what’s going on. If you take the chance they might actually teach you something.

Listening is a good way to show others that you love them as people. We so often want to do all the talking and think we have all the things to say. But be patient with someone. Listen.

The Lord is patient and listens to us. Why can’t we be patient and listen to those that we meet? Love people and just listen.

Good night!