Today I watched the Criminal Minds episode “Coda” and I have fallen in love with this song. It appears many others have as well. I wanted to share this today to help us appreciate the simple things.

My life is so confusing to me right now and I had to take a break from things to gain perspective. What I’ve been reminded of is to truly appreciate simple things. Such as a beautiful piece of music.

I had to take a break from piano music because it hurt my heart and reminded me too much of the things that I was trying to hide from and runaway from. I cannot run and I cannot hide. The Lord will not let me but he is by my side.

With that said, I’m going to be back on here again sharing about love and what the Lord is teaching me in life about love. I learn something new about it every day.

Today the Lord has loved on me with this simple melody. He has loved on me in so many more ways over the past couple weeks. Weeks that I yet again thought would kill me. He is so much stronger than I and gives me renewed strength each day.

Thank you Daddy for always taking care of me and reminding me not to let go of something that you have laid on my heart before it’s time to let it go. Thank you for the simple things. The words that others say at the exact right moment, the simple melodies, the sunrises and sunsets, the friends, and the prayers.

I am loved every single day by my Daddy and the people that he has placed in my life. I will continue to love those around me, in the best ways that I know how. I hope that those around me see Jesus love through me and my actions.

God is up to something so big and so amazing and this is just the beginning. I’m excited for the year ahead and what he is going to continue to do.

Stay tuned!