While everyone was focused on the first Sunday Night Football game and the Miss America Pageant, I have been continuing to think about the topic of love…surprise right?

Tonight’s focus starts from the fact that love is patient….

But it shifts into the idea of service. I think the two are very interconnected in terms of the idea of love. We often like the idea of other people serving us and waiting on us but often times become impatient with their service and their acts of love.

We want them to move faster or do it a different way. We get frustrated because it’s not the way that we would do it or how we would’ve shown that we love them. We miss the fact that they are showing us love.

We often in turn forget to serve others as well. It’s a vicious cycle. Acts of service is one of the five love languages, which honestly I’d like to get a better understanding of all the languages.  I think that I personally could stand to improve in all the areas, even the ones that I believe are my dominant languages. I think I crave all of them to some extent.

However this post is not about me and what I need in terms of love. It’s how I want to love on others. I want to do better about doing this through simple acts of service. I’m not always the best at this. I don’t often accept it well from others.

I like to help people but I sincerely hate asking for help and letting people know if something is wrong. I’m learning that I do actually have several people that I can turn to. And it wasn’t necessarily people that I would’ve first pegged to be my go to people. But the Lord is great like that.

So back to serving others. I have a passion for people and a love for people. In my hurts and feeling a lack of love, even though I am very much loved by my heavenly daddy, I have learned that everyone often feels unloved. Some people feel more unloved than others.

In reality we are very deeply loved by God. And I want to help to show people this. I think that I have a great opportunity to that right here in my community. We often think of loving others and spreading Jesus love to those overseas. And there is nothing wrong with going overseas. However, I think we often miss great opportunities to love on those around us.

We get so wrapped up in our everyday lives or the glitz of going to another country that we don’t take the time to show simple acts of service and love to those who need it right in front of us.

The thing is we often times don’t know if someone needs something but sometimes there are very obvious needs that we can help with. For instance, helping at a local soup kitchen or Salvation Army. They always need volunteers. Places like that won’t operate unless people are willing to help.

People talk about wanting to help….myself included but I kept making selfish excuses or simply said I was too tired or too busy. No more. I am changing my ways. I am going to help. I truly want to love on people and give everything that I have. I don’t want to just say this anymore. I want to do it.

I’m tired of being selfish and letting myself wallow in self pity and say why. God has a big plan and is going to use me wherever he takes me. He loves me and I feel his presence every day and can count on him at all times. I want others to truly experience what I have.

I have no other choice but to praise him. I can’t help it anymore. It just naturally comes out. My own parents look at me like I’m crazy and say it’s okay to not be okay. Which is true. Sometimes we do have to break down but sometimes we have to pick ourselves up. We need to lean into the Lord’s source of strength.

I don’t know how I’m going to get to serve people in the time ahead. However, I look forward to the opportunities that the Lord places before me. Even if it is things that they don’t even know that I’m doing. That way all the glory goes to my heavenly daddy as it should.

Tomorrow, I pray that the Lord uses me with each of the students I come into contact with and with each of my co workers. That’s something that I can work on in such a small way. We get so focused on doing our job sometimes, we miss those around us who are in need and miss what’s really going on with the students that we are trying to serve and help, I pray that the Lord opens my eyes to those around me and uses me to minister to those around me.

I’m never going to be a theologian or a preacher but I know that my God can still use me. I have a willing heart. I have a passion for people. I have a passion for Jesus. I have a desire to change the world around me. I want others to look past one another’s differences and start loving each other and accepting each other.

I’m starting with myself and my attitude. Just because I feel beaten up and hurt and let down by people does not mean that I should do the same to others. I will choose joy and I will choose to love. I choose to follow Jesus. I am not turning back. I honestly love to love people. I may fail at it and people may not understand it but I’m following Jesus and trying to demonstrate his love in as simple a way as possible.

Let’s be honest…my favorite city is Paris….the city of love.

I’m from just outside Philadelphia….the city of brotherly love.

I went to school in Virginia…Virginia is for lovers.

The school was in Lynchburg….which has the Love sign downtown.

Love is all around. What I’m learning is that though it might not be in the romantic sense, love is all around me. And I have a lot of love to give. God has more love to give and I’m excited to see how he’s going to keep loving me and love those around me.

Spread the love y’all!


The below set of verses has often been cheesy to me but I’m starting to not find them so cheesy but instead am finding them as a challenge for myself. Am I making sure that I’m displaying this idea of love. It’s helping me to understand the simple side of love. Though I know that it is one of the most complicated things. It can be the easiest and hardest thing all at the same time.

I Corinthians 13

I Corinthians 13