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They’ve know each other 6 weeks

Marriage they decided

Love they said

A life together

They knew

No doubt

Can we know

Quickly we can fall


Head over heals

Life happens

What to do

Open up


Trust God

Let go

Was it real

Did you ever mean it

Was I your first choice

Will I make the cut

Can we survive

Did I even know you

Strangers in the night now


Where did it all go

Was it real

Did you mean it

Did I dream it

This pain means its real

It has to be

My stomach turns in knots

I can’t sleep

I can’t eat

My brain won’t stop running

First thing on my mind

Last thought of the day

Dreaming is no escape

Waking to aches

How did it get like this

Where did I go wrong

Why can’t I move on