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Do you care?

Do you see?

What you’ve done to me

Broken spirit

Crushed dreams

Shredded heart

Misplaced trust

Helpless and heartbroken

Bruised and beaten

Feeling hopeless

Doubting myself

Fearing this is it

Believing I’ll never feel it

Someone who loves me

Someone who values me

Someone who wants me

Someone who will accept me

I’m too much

No one can love me

No one wants me

No one values me

Dark places

Deep hurts

How to escape the pain?

Get up

Don’t dwell

There is more

Live life

Love God

Love myself

I am loved

I am valued

I am wanted

Bent but not broken

Battered but not dead

Hope springs again

Darkness sets in again

Shadows fall

Pain arises

Pulls me back under

Break the chains

Break the bondage

Let go of the aches

Trust the future

Trust the Lord

Rest in his love

Believe that he is good

When there is nothing

Don’t doubt

Let go

Let God