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We have all made decisions that we probably wouldn’t make again if we had the choice. We would choose a different major, go to a different college, pick a different car, pick a different roommate, watch a different movie…etc. The options are endless.

We then wonder the what if of if we didn’t make that decision, what would have happened. Where would it take my life now. What would be different about me and the world that I live in.

Stop living in the what ifs and the regrets. Here is the thing we can’t change the past or the choices that we have made. We can look back on them and learn from them. We can grow from them. We can become who we are because of them.

If you wouldn’t have moved to that new city and failed at that new job, you wouldn’t have been grown and stretched like you were. If you hadn’t decided to go to Starbucks at 9am, you wouldn’t have run into a dear friend and had a 2 hour long conversation about God.

If you wouldn’t have gone to that school, you wouldn’t have met the people that you met, developed the friends that you have, gotten the job that you have, and have the life that you do.

If you wouldn’t have stepped out of your comfort zone and gone to that church that everyone talked about as being over the top and different, you wouldn’t have grown in your faith and met the people that you have. You wouldn’t be remembering the dreams that you had long forgotten.

If you wouldn’t have met that person and started dating them, fallen in love with them, had your heart shattered by them, you wouldn’t have learned who you are. You wouldn’t know what you want. You wouldn’t see you as God sees you. You wouldn’t be involved in the church you are. You wouldn’t have had your eyes opened up to miracles.


Now maybe these aren’t all part of your story. Most of them are part of my story. This is why I do not regret my decisions. God had a plan with each one. There is no coincidence. It was all timed perfectly.

So I do not and will not regret my decisions. The bad ones I will learn from and grown from. For all of the decisions, I will be grateful and happy. There is always a bit of something good that can be taken even from the worst situation. Now I know that I truly have not had a terrible life and I have been blessed in so many ways. But I have been hurt and tried in many ways.

We are each given the life that we are given. We have the opportunity to make choices that effect us every day. Sometimes we make poor decisions and we do have to live with the consequences. But why regret? Why get stuck in the negative?

Think about all the great things that happened. If it’s someone that you dated, think about all the adventures you went on, think about how you felt about them, think  about all the things that you experienced together, think about what you have learned from them, think about how they challenged you and pushed you to grow.

If it’s a friend that you are no longer friends with, some of those same principles relate. Think about all the good times that you had. Think about how they taught you to be a friend.

If it’s the degree that you got and still don’t have a job in that field. Think about your college experience and what that was like. Think about all the great memories and think about how it probably got you out of your small town and opened your eyes to a whole new world.

Again the scenarios are endless….think about the positive things from each of the bad things or seemingly poor decisions that you have made.

I know that some decisions are more serious than other and have deeper consequences. these were lighter. Maybe you did drugs or cheated on someone or they cheated on you.  With those think how you are out of that situation now. You do not have to go back. You have learned there is more to life than that. Don’t dwell on the negatives. It will literally probably kill you.

If you have to see that person or people who hurt you, hold your head up high. Do not let them bring you down. You are worth more than that. God loves you and delights in you whether they do or not. He loves you and values you. He doesn’t hold on to your past decisions. He knew they were going to happen and has a plan for them.

Do not let the fear, ache, sadness, pain, sorrow, hate, etc from the past keep you from enjoying the present and the future. Keep pressing forward with what God has for you.

It’s such a freeing and wonderful thing to let go of the aches and pains of the past. I do not regret any of the decisions that I have made. Why? Because they make me who I am. They have brought me to this point in my life. They have opened the doors to my future and were all part of the plan.

Be free of the changes and bondage of your past. It has no power over you and who you are growing to be.

Be free of the chains and bondage of your past. It has no power over you and who you are growing to be.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂