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As I sit here on this rainy dreary November day I am thinking about the changing seasons and how our lives go through different seasons. We all experience change and growth like the Fall.

We experience cold and dark lonely times like the Winter. We experience the birth and growth of Spring. And the hot and beautiful times of Summer. There is joy and pain in each of these seasons. The things that we can learn and grow from each season help us as we move to the next season. Currently I’m both in the midst of the real Fall season and big changes like those that happen in the Fall season like the changing of the leaves and the falling of them.

I’m also getting to experience the harvest that one experiences after planting in the Spring. The things that I’ve been fighting and praying for are being revealed. Beautiful changes are taking place. But I had to be patient. It wasn’t easy. It’s been painful but changes are taking place. People are fighting it but the Lord’s not stopping. So appreciate whatever season your in. 

There are such beautiful colors and scenery during the Fall time. I hope you all get to see the metaphors of your life in the changing seasons. I think I’ll write about season at some point and how it relates. Just know that your seasons may not always line up with the actual seasons or last the length of time that we want. Praise the Lord my season is really only changing after a year or so. I’ve had other seasons that have lasted a couple years. However long the season is….it’s necessary for growth and change and stretching to occur. Growth doesn’t occur without pain. We often don’t grow until we have to or experience something negative. Don’t fight the negative. See the positive and see the change that can take place in you to be a better you. To be the real you.  

Don’t hide behind the Halloween mask that you wore last month or try and be the person that you think they will like. Be you. Really be you. You don’t have to put on a costume and act different. It might be fun at first but then you lose who you are and who God made you to be. Hold fast to your creator and turn to him when the winds of change come, when the temperature changes and things get tough. Find the joy in the season as the leaves change colors and you get to pull out your favorite scarves and boots. Appreciate the little pleasures of the seasons in the midst of the terrifying growth and change that is occurring.

My friends enjoy whatever season you are in. It will change faster than you think just like the weather outside. For me my season is about to change again. No more delay for me! 🙂 Happy Monday!