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I know whose I am. I am confident and rest in him. This is what gets me through the tough times. When we see who we are in Christ despite all our faults and failures. We are unstoppable.

God can do all things. Nothing….absolutely nothing is impossible. Praise him! Walk in the power that you have in Christ. Realize how powerful and beautiful you are in Christ. He made you wonderful, after himself. Dance for him!!! Praise him! Worship him!

Oh and how he will bless you for praising him. Even when it doesn’t make sense and you are walking in the valley. You’re just going from one mountain to the next. Praise him!!! He is doing mighty things in and through you every single day. And how he will bless you when you bless him. He will do more than you ever imagined or expected. He will exceed your wildest dreams.

Know who you are in Christ. Don’t go back to the little voices in your head or the dwell on the mean things that those around you have said. Know who you are in Christ. Strive to be more like him each and every day. How much more do you look like Jesus today than yesterday? Rest in who you are in Christ. And watch him move miraculously.