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More…I want more

Not things…less things

More of you…less of me

More love

More mercy

More grace

More compassion

More understanding

More forgiveness

More faith

More hope

More trusting in you

More strength from you

More opportunities

More than sitting on the couch

More than watching movies

More than hiding away in my apartment

More stepping out of my comfort zone

More chances to talk to people

More chances to praise you

More time to read your words

More times to talk to you

More chances to grow in you

I want more of you Jesus

I write this because I had a moment this morning where I wanted to give up. I wanted to and was was selfish. I let me take over. I fell into a trap. I then wanted to expose everything. I wanted to put myself in a good light. When in reality. It’s not me that is good. It’s the Holy Spirit in me that is good. Any positivity that has come from this has only been because of him. There is power in the name of Jesus and I want more of him.