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It’s a life or death matter for me

I can’t ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t exist

It’s not my fault

It wasn’t my choice

It wasn’t something I could prevent

It’s not something I can change

It could’ve destroyed me

And broken me

Instead it’s made me stronger

It’s pushed me to be an overcomer

I will not let it limit me

I will not let it destroy me

I will fight it and beat it

In the end I think it saved me

It changed me

It is part of me

It took something away from me

But has given me so much

It’s part of my story

Part of my journey

Keeps me relying on God

Trusting him when I don’t understand

Believing in his plan

Knowing that there is a reason

That there is a purpose

I will not lose focus

This one is about my battle with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s something that I have been battling since I was 16. It’s been almost 12 years now since I was diagnosed. It’s been a journey and I haven’t always done the best at taking care of it.

I haven’t told many people about it because I was ashamed and didn’t want to deal with the misconceptions about it. I’m wanting to change my attitude toward it and other people’s understanding about it.

It’s a daily challenge that I have to deal with. It is a chronic condition that isn’t going away anytime soon. I want to be open about what I’m battling. For those of you that have been reading my blog. It’s a deep ouchie of mine that I thought I was dealing with fairly well. Until I realized that I was keeping my struggle with it to myself.

There is such a great world of support out there. There are so many communities and so many support groups. There are so many people who are living with it. And there are so many people who need encouragement from others who are living with it. I need encouragement from others who are living with it.

I need help with not ignoring it. I need encouragement that it should not limit me. Instead it helps to provide a platform and open conversations. So those of you that do have it, thank you for being a support and for understanding. For those of you that don’t have it and don’t understand, take some time to educate yourself and learn what it is and how it actually affects someone.

Hope you all have a wonderful night!