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Love someone where they are at today. It’s the Christmas season. I urge you to take a moment to not think of yourself and what you want. Take a moment to not rush through all the 100 things that you have to do. Take a moment and pause.

Love on someone right where they are at.IMG_2313

Love on them how they need to be loved. Look outside how you want to be love and love them how they need to be loved. Take a moment and listen to them.

Give them a hug.

Hold the door for them.

Let them in front of you in line.

Pay for their coffee or lunch.

Help them carry their belongings to their car or up to their apartment.

Do something to make them feel special and appreciated for a moment. If you know them a bit better, do something even more personal for them. Leave them a note to let them know how loved they are. Thank them and let them know what a blessing they have been in your life.

Take a moment and love on someone else, the way that you want to feel loved and the way that Jesus loves us. It’s nice to appreciate someone else. And it will come back to you. The more that you bless others, the more that the Lord will bless you.

Plus blessing others is often more often more of a blessing to you then. It’s just as the saying goes, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

Go love someone where they are not, not worrying about what their past is. Just love them for being them.

I promise you, you won’t be sorry that you did it. Be expectant to receive and unexpected blessing yourself!

Love you all! Be blessed!