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That is literally the word to describe not only this past year of life but specifically the past month and even the past week. It has literally been one thing after the other. Some things have been great and some not so much.

And the person who I thought would have been here with me for something like this is not even remotely in my life at this moment. It has been a roller coaster, hence my not writing anything on here. I’m even having a hard time beginning because I do not even honestly know where to start.

I guess that I’ll just share the main gist of what the Lord had been doing over the last few weeks.

First, I have a new job! It’s with the same place but I’m moving to a different role. My friend said that she always knows that God is asking her to consider something when it comes up twice. So I did and I went for the interview and prayed a lot and gave it over to the Lord. It’s very clear that this is where he wants me for the next season, however, long or short that may be.

Second, I have the opportunity to be part of 1 of 8 people from across the country who are involved in DOME through CUFI. Believe me, I will expand upon this as the year goes on, as this is a year long mentorship program, where I get to go to Texas and D.C. and the costs are completely paid for! PTL!!! This girl is so so so so blessed and happy!

This all happened the week before Christmas. Then I got to bless a girl at my church with the ability to come home and see her family, in the process my check engine light went off, and I got to come home and see my family. We made it down a very foggy mountain, which showed me a lot of metaphors about life and my life in particular, especially with this next bit of it.

I got to see my best friends and catch up with some people that I haven’t seen in years. It was great to reconnect. We got to see Christmas lights. And I got some serious family time and connected with cousins that I didn’t really know but have come to appreciate, on top of loving.


All these great things, and in the midst of it was quarreling and realizations that my parents and grandparents are getting older. There are serious health concerns and I am no longer a child. My grandpa had a heart attack in front of me and then had a second one a few hours later.

It has been the longest and most uncertain few days of my life and my family’s lives. We have gone back and forth to the hospital so much but gotten to spend so much time with each other and so much time in prayer.

It has been interesting to hear how much they knew that my Grandpa was a prayer warrior and loved people but it’s cool to see everyone come together and pray for him. According to the doctor’s this morning, it was somewhat miraculous that he made it through the past several days.

He died in our living room and they had to shock him 4 times. They thought he was gone in the ambulance and then again on New Year’s Eve morning but praise the Lord through prayer and the Lord’s timing, he is still here. They have weaned him off most of the meds and his heart is fully pumping on it’s own, without any assistance. I am telling you prayer works and the Lord still allows miracles.

Let me tell you all the miracles that happened, because miracles are all about timing you see.

  1. He wasn’t home alone, he was at our house.
  2. All his kids, my mom and her two brothers were together, with their families, which hasn’t happened in about 3 or 4 years.
  3. The ambulance was here in less than 5 minutes.
  4. There is no brain damage.
  5. He is at one of the leading cardiac care hospitals.
  6. We have had so much food that we were able to not have to worry about it the past few days as we have been concerned about him.
  7. It was over the holidays so we already had the time off.
  8. It has brought so many people to their knees, crying out to the Lord.
  9. It has allowed us to praise him and thank him for healing our Grandpa and seeing a miracle happen.
  10. He is 83 and he is still kicking!

Ah and let me tell you my friends…there are so many more. But don’t you tell me miracles don’t happen.

It’s been a whirlwind and it’s extended my stay here but in the midst of all this, as in any tragedy and tough time, there are always small signs and wonders. They aren’t always easy to see and we often miss them, but they are there.

So if you think about it keep praying for my Grandpa, as he is a God fearing man with a great passion for people. I love you all and hope that you have a blessed New Year ahead!