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My stomach is all aflutter with those tiny winged creatures that make me feel like it’s then turning into knots. I second guess whether I am making the right choice and whether I should be stepping out and doing this or not. I am terrified to step out of my comfort zone.

I am scared beyond belief at putting myself out there for a second time. This time to people that I know. It’s not just to random people who have stumbled across my blog based on the tags that I have flagged it with. No this time I’m showing part of me to my brother and his friends.

The cool thing is that we are all putting ourselves out there. And that’s what I have to remember. It’s also my brother’s project not mine. And honestly there is no worse case scenario in my mind.

It’s helping me to continue to overcome my faults, failures and shortcomings. It’s helping me to grow in my writing. It’s forcing me to continue to step out of my comfort zone.  The tossing and turning in my stomach is going to continue but it’s another way for me to put my faith and hope in God. It gives me the chance to trust him again and rely on him again.

I know that he is going to blow my mind yet again and open up doors that only he can. I’m so nervous and anxious for what is coming next. As I jump into a collective with my brother and these other guys, I am interested to see where the Lord is going to take us and what he is going to do.

Please take some time to check out this awesome project. It’s called Imperfect Collective. It’s a group of us that God brought together through my brother. It’s a really cool project where we all have different things that we post about and it allows for some interaction and discussion.

I’m scared that I have taken on more than I can balance at this time. But I know that the Lord has me where he does, involved in the things that I am for a reason and a purpose. It’s not a simple life that’s for sure. But it’s the life that the Lord has for me. He’s making ways out of no ways and giving me words to share. Everything is happening for a reason.

I hope you are as excited as I am about juggling a full time job, my personal blog, contributing to another, partaking in a mentorship program, and handling everything else that comes my way. I praise the Lord for all these opportunities and for the strength and energy to do all these things well.

In the midst of the flip flops that happen and the anxiety I feel, there comes an overwhelming peace when I give things back to the Lord. I have to do it every morning and throughout the day. But it helps to keep me grounded and focused. It helps me to not lose sight of Jesus and what he is doing. It’s helps me to be surrendered to him and allow him to use me in only ways that he can.

Not my will but your’s be done.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

It is only by his grace and strength that I can do all of this. I am so blessed and grateful for these opportunities. Stayed tuned as we keep proceeding.

So……take some time to stop by Imperfect Collective. It’s a unique and great group of people who the Lord has brought together. We aren’t quite sure of the direction the Lord is taking us but know that if we trust Jesus he will guide our steps. He is in control and has a plan.