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If I could write a melody for you, that would be yours, I would but I don’t think it would do you justice. There are not words to describe how I feel about you. As much as I write about the Lord and what he is doing for me, today I need to write about this man that Jesus brought into my life in 2014. I was a hot mess when I first met this man and little did I know what he would mean to me. Little did I know what role he would play in my life. I don’t think I completely understand it yet. And I think it’s something that I’ll continue to learn.

This man came out of no where for me and has turned my world upside down. I never understood the things that people would say about being so connected to someone that you can’t describe it. I literally do not have words to express what is between us. It’s something that I have never experienced and quite honestly probably never thought that I would experience.

He inspires me in the craziest of ways. He probably has no clue how much. He has pushed me, when he didn’t even know it. The beauty of the whole things is how the Lord used this unexpected crossing of paths for a very real purpose. It was all the Lord. The whole thing has been. I have learned so much not only about myself and this man but about God.

I cannot adequately put into words how perfectly the Lord created this man. This man has blown everything out of the water for me. It’s not been easy and it’s not been perfect. But we are learning to navigate. To trust the Lord to give it over to him and know that he has a plan and a purpose. I sincerely wish that everyone could see what I see when I look at him. No he is not perfect and well neither am I. But irregardless, I am falling for this man and know that our paths were crossed again for a reason.

He has taught me so much and helped to show me how to be selfless and put someone else before myself. He has taught me what it means to pray and worship and trust. He has helped me to get to a point where I see myself for me and appreciate me for me.

Yes, if you read my last few posts, I still stumble and fall and lose sight of Jesus. I’m not perfect but I am striving to know Jesus more and grow in my walk with him. I am striving to keep my walls down and to bring others to Christ. I am trying to want less of me and more of Jesus.

I will continue to fight for myself, on my hands and knees. And I will continue to fight for this man and all the plans that the has for the Lord. 2016 is a new year. 2015 was something that we had to go through and it’s brought us to where we are now. What’s ahead is going to be great. The Lord is moving in mighty ways.

I hope that you can trust him too and see what he’s done for you. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy and most likely you aren’t going to like the growing pains. But they are necessary. Growth doesn’t come without pain. You can’t truly love someone before you have gone through crap with them and come out on the other side.