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This letter isn’t going to who you think it may be going to. Though I have written him a letter hundreds of times and never given it to him. But this one….this one goes to Jesus. As he has loved on me and as I have experienced him in crazy new ways this year, I realized that I needed to thank him and love him.

I’ve been learning how to accept his love and love him. Though I manage to piss other people off, probably every day, and some people don’t want to know me, he wants to know everything about me.

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I’ve truly started to learn what a relationship with Christ is like. It’s different than his relationship is with anyone else. Because he relates to me. I thank him for each and everything that I have gone through in my life. He’s known what’s going to happen each and every step of the way. And He hasn’t let me down yet. So this is my letter I wrote to him.


I know you didn’t give me this life because I could handle it. You gave it to me because it makes me rely on you more and trust in you more. It makes me believe in you more. I more strength in you. For that reason I wouldn’t change anything. As painful and challenging as it is, it has made my faith in you stronger. I’ve learned I can’t do this life on my own. I can’t fix it. I can’t control it. Only you can. It’s all in your hands. It’s all part of your plan. You’ve approved everything and been there every step of the way. Thank you father. I love you and I’m eternally grateful. You give me the tools and means to handle anything that comes my way, whether through your word or direct revelation. You send me encouragement and guidance. I feel you hold me and speak to me, helping me along each step of the way. Even when I don’t understand and can’t see why it’s happening as it is, you always have a reason and purpose. Your timing is always perfect. You show me what love really means and push me to demonstrate that kind of love to others. Jesus I love you.


It may not be the greatest piece of writing but it is real and from the heart. I wrote this letter out a while ago. And by wrote I mean hand wrote, not typed. Hence it looks shorter than it felt when I wrote it. Letters are meant to be written out. Love letters are meant to be written out.

I needed to read this letter again today. I keep coming back to it because I need to remember all that he has and is doing for me. Especially over the last week, where I have gotten super anxious again.

I could probably write a new one based on the last couple months since I wrote this one. Maybe that is something to consider doing. Maybe I will start to write a letter to Jesus thank him and letting him know that I love him every so often. It’s nice to put it on paper. Just as important as it is to say prayers out loud and not just quietly in your mind. There are so many layers to this relationship, like any relationship.

This morning my encouragement with this is that you don’t need to be some great theologian. It’s about a relationship. He wants to relate and connect with you. He wants to be intimate with you and have those quiet times with you. He will always be there no matter what, even when you try to shake him. He’ll love on you, if you look for it. It’s the most beautiful thing to experience.

Experience a loving relationship with Jesus!