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I want to be a woman of my word. 

I want to be a woman who moves mountains

Who people see Jesus in

I don’t want them to see me

but to see you in me

Use me to bring them to you

Erase my fear

Keep moving me out of my comfort zone

Let me converse with new people

Further your kingdom

Allow me to give more

Let me love more

Use me more

Fill me more

Let me overflow and pour out more

Teach me more

Grow me more

Strengthen me more

Show me how to have more faith

Keep revealing miracles more

Challenge me more

Shape me more

I still just want more

I want to do more

And to be more

More in you

Keep growing my love and expanding my mind

Show me where you want me to go and what you want me to do

Guide my every step

Show me more of you