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You’re so close

Yet you are so far

I know where my heart is

And where it wants to go

Yet life doesn’t work that way

Your heart goes after something else

Something that demands and deserves

You must chase after that

It’s where it belongs

The order didn’t go as planned

But I have no command

Follow him and rely on him

That’s what he demands

This was something that I wrote months ago. It’s something I recently stumbled upon and decided to share it with you all. I’m really enjoying writing creatively. It helps me to process through things that come up in life.

I hope you have an outlet too, whether it’s blogging or something else. It’s important to think through things. We need the silence and the chance to focus and clear our minds in order to deal with things that get thrown at us. And then we need to give it over to the Lord.

That’s what this one was about. Things are never going to go how I plan. But they are going to go how the Lord planned and he knows how things are going to turn out. We don’t have to worry. We just keep following him and relying on him. I want nothing more than to do what honors and pleases him. I am going to keep striving to do that each and every day. I will not get discouraged, even when I fail. I will try to do better.

Keep pressing forward. Keep trusting him. Jesus deserves everything from us. He has given everything for us.