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I am the daughter of a King…but that does not just make me a princess. No I am a Queen and I deserve to be treated like a Queen. Every single female does. It’s part of the reason that we are so mesmerized by fairy tales.

I was going to write a post about unrealistic romance. And I may revisit that idea but I need to address the fact that in reality, we as women need to be treated with respect and not only that but shown love.

We cannot settle for these guys who half care or mistreat us. We deserve a man who will fight for us and who will protect us and love us, encourage us and support us. We need to let him do that. We need to inspire him to do that. We shouldn’t have to force him to do that. He should want to do that. I’m tired of feeling like I need to convince a man that I am worth something. I know that I am.


We should also want to do the same for him. We should go to bat for him and cover him in prayer daily. We need to be in his corner. For so long, I have settled and we as women have settled for men who are not men. We have let them not be men. We have let them take the easy way out. We have made excuses. Relationships are a two way street. There is give and take. You both have to work at it.

Now sometimes it is going to be one sided because one person is going to need the support more but then it can reverse and you should get the same back. It can’t always be one sided. If you are giving and giving and giving, you have to learn to eventually let go, if you are dating them or hoping to date them. Marriage is a whole other ball game. I’m not there yet. One day I will be.

Honestly, I’m grateful for the fact that I am not married yet. Because I know what I deserve and what I need to do. Marriage is not going to be easy. Of this I am very sure. We have a fantasy version of what it will look like. Single life is honestly easier, as you are only having to worry about yourself.

I am grateful for how long I have gotten to be single.I would’ve and could’ve settled so many times. But it is by the grace of God that I did not. There were plenty of chances for me to go a different way. And honestly, yea it’s been very lonely but at the same time, I know that there is a great man for me. A man who is going to treat me like the Queen that I am.


I do not deserve to be second choice or back up plan. I deserve to be fought for and won over. I deserve to be respected and admired. I deserve to be protected and listened to. I deserve to be encouraged and challenged and pushed. I deserve nothing less than the best. I deserve nothing less than what the Lord has intended for me.  All women do.

For so long, I thought if I made a man feel a certain way or did this or that, that it will fill me and give me worth. I thought that if just maybe I could convince him that I was worth it, maybe he would be convinced. I thought if I did enough for him that he would see that I’m worth it.

I don’t need to prove my worth to a man. The man should be able to see my worth and my value by how I carry myself and how I view myself. I have believed so many lies that the devil has told me. He’s told me I’m not worth it and no one will love me and nothing I ever do will be good enough. I’m never going to measure up. No one is going to love me. He’s still trying to do that. The man that I fell in love with still can’t say that word for me, as far as I know. His actions are speaking way louder than his words. And maybe he is saying the same about me.

I wanted to fight for it. I thought I was showing that but it never seemed to be enough. And the devil has used this to try and convince me that I will never be enough. He brings up my past relationships and shows me the times where I wasn’t good enough for them too and tries to convince me that nothing I ever do will be enough. But I know that with the Lord, I am.


I know that I will be looked at the same way that I look at this man. I know that a man will treat me like a woman. He will allow me to feel loved and will let me love him. He will accept it and we will push each other and grow with one another. We will support one another. We will be a team. I know I was not meant to be alone. I know that through all the relationships and things that I have been through, that I have started to learn what love really is. I have learned what I deserve and what someone else deserves.

I am a strong woman. I am a warrior. I am a fighter. I am going to carry out what the Lord has for me. I will not back down. But I need someone who is going to do the same for me. I need someone who is going to speak tenderly to me and treat me like a precious stone.I need someone to call me out and push me. I need someone who will listen to me and love me.


It’s not going to be perfect with this man. But we will navigate it and figure it out together. He will want to. He will put me as a priority. He will not tell me that there is a laundry list of other things to do first. We will help each other through the tough times. We will trust God together and go where he wants us to go. We will overcome the devil’s plans to ruin what the Lord has.

I’m not going to give up. I am going to keep fighting for this man and for our present and our future. I’m going to trust that the Lord is working things out for him and me and that he has a plan, that he is going to use us. I am going to praise the Lord for what he is doing with this and how he is going to bless us. Whoever this man is…I am beyond grateful for the journey that we will go on together. It’s going to be a crazy adventure and I can’t wait.

Ladies……do not settle for a toad hoping he’s going to turn into prince charming. He may…but I think you should wait for a man who is going to treat you right and bring you closer to the Lord. You need a man who’s going to help you be who you are in Christ. You need not settle for anything less than the absolute best that the Lord has for you.