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I tried to conform to what I thought you wanted

To what I thought you needed

After I had opened up

I had been myself

I decided to try and be something that you needed

Something that I needed

In the end, we both got lost

We both longed for what was real and true

As there was a pull and a tug

But you decided to shrug

You turned away

But you had no choice

I tried to stay and find a way

To make this work

I tried to convince you

To make you see

See what I see

Through your eyes

What I see through mine

It’s no use

You’ve made your choice

You turned away

Shut down and closed off

As though you had no option

Forced to bear the weight on your own

Now I’m forced to move on

To find a new direction

And find my own way

I still wonder what happened

And what I could have changed

But it won’t change

It all stays the same

Forever unchanged