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Several weeks ago I finally got my first tattoo. Eeeeeek!!! It has been something I have been pondering and considering for several years now. Well let’s be honest, I have wanted one probably for 10 years but could never decide on what I actually wanted or where I wanted it. These are two very key things to know prior to putting something permanent on your body. And it was something that I wanted to figure out before I permanently put something on my body.

Thankfully I had a friend that was wanting to go get one as well. This was not something that I wanted to conquer on my own. I needed some physical support present. It’s funny because she ended up freaking out more than I did.


I’ve had this particular verse and desire to have it on my body permanently for a couple years. I waited to make sure that it was something that I still wanted. I didn’t want to put something on me and then instantly regret it or change my mind. Honestly, I was terrified that this is what was going to happen. Remember how I have all these fears, that I am working to overcome?

Isaiah 46:4

Even to your old age and grey hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

Well I can say that at least 6 weeks later, I am not regretting it. Did I have a split second shortly after getting the tattoo where I was like,  “wait, did I really just do that? Should I have done that? What have I done?” And then I realized that there was no going back.

It really wasn’t as painful or uncomfortable as I thought. Mine only took 20 minutes, as it’s not very big. It’s definitely not the most favorable feeling in the world. But it was not excruciating pain, like I thought. I’m not a fan of needles (even though I am a diabetic and have to deal with them on a daily basis). This needle wasn’t really that terrible though. It was more of an annoyance the whole time. And honestly my body didn’t really feel a great deal of pain until a few minutes after he finished. It was as though it had a delayed reaction and went,  “What did you just do to me?”

The worst part after that was the itching. I hate scabs and want to pick them off. It took a lot in me to not pick the scab off. I had to scratch around it. I am happy to say that all the scabs have come off now and I didn’t need to get it touched up. I admit I was unnecessarily paranoid. I’ve thought the worst each step of the way and been pleasantly surprised by how things actually turned out.


I also had the moment where I went, “What will my parents think?” As a 28 year old woman, who has not lived in my parents’ house for years, I didn’t want do disappoint them. Let’s be honest, my parents were never ones to get tattoos or encourage me to get them. They have been very silent in regards to their reactions to my getting a tattoo. They have been even more quiet about the fact that I want more. They are never going to be thrilled but at the same time it’s my body.

Part of the reason that they may not be so thrilled it is the stigma that is related to it. Part of it is that it’s not something that they would do personally. There is a stigma that is attached to Christians getting tattoos. It appears to be more prominent among older generations. But there are still younger people who think that it is wrong. I agree that our bodies are temples and that we need to take care of them. I know that Christ resides in me and I want to present myself as a living sacrifice.

I got the scripture on my foot as a reminder of who God is and what he has done for me. I did not get it to defame or destroy my body. I wanted a permanent reminder for those times when I am doubting or losing site of all the he is. So often I get distracted and forget everything that he has done already. It helps to hold me accountable. It reminds of all that he has yet to do with me. He is not done with me yet.


I got this tattoo as a reminder and I will get additional tattoos for that same reason. They are not for anyone else. They are for me. They are reminders. I don’t honestly care what others think of them. They are for me and for the things that I have gone through. Hence, all of them I want to be able to see every single day. I’m going to be very strategic with where I get them.

I understand that people get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Many of the reason are beautiful. Some just appreciate that art. I think the art is beautiful myself. I have some seen some very beautiful pieces. Ones that I would never get but I love to know the stories behind people’s tattoos.  As most people get them for a reason, other than just because they were drunk. And even if they do it for that reason, there is usually a story that leads up to it or reason why they got the thing that they did.

I think you can learn a lot about people by their tattoos. They all tell stories. They are a great way to start a conversation. And I am excited to get more. I want to share the stories behind the pieces that I am going to get. I want people to know that little part of me. I believe that some will be able to relate to it and connect to it somehow. God uses the tiniest of things in the coolest ways.

With that said…I will probably post pieces about each of the tattoos that I do get. The next one is already in the works. I hope to get it in the near future. This one will be a little bit more colorful and I’m excited to see what the artist can do. Stay tuned to see the next bit of beautiful artwork that I get!