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Most Friday nights anymore I stay in and don’t do much. I’m happily introverted and usually need a calm Friday night to recover from a long and busy week. However, this past weekend, I actually went out. It was probably one of my favorite nights in a long time. I went to watch some of my favorite hip-hop and rap artists. I had been so excited for this show, since I found out the Dream Junkies were coming to town! And let me tell you these guys did not disappoint.

Beleaf, RusLan, and John Givez. I was the most familiar with Beleaf and John Givez. In all honesty, my brother got me hooked on these guys. He keeps introducing me to all these new artists. I love it. I know that I am not their target audience but truly appreciate these guys. Their music is so real and so honest and they truly love what they do. They are not in it for the money but are in it for people. I am officially a Christian hip-hop nerd.

I know that the Lord is using them in mighty ways. I am sure that many people have written them off and said that they can’t make a difference or that they aren’t “Christian” or said whatever negative thing they can about them. Honestly, people say that about me and I’m not even anyone big who has the influence that these guys do. These guys should not be overlooked.They should be encouraged, supported, and prayed for.  They are so talented and put on a phenomenal show. Their energy was great!

The Lord has given each one of us talents and gifts. He has made each one of us unique and allows each one of us to reach those who are around us. I’m not going to have the same impact and ability to reach the people that they do. Just like I know that there are certain people that I will connect with better than they will. But that doesn’t mean we need to make assumptions about one another or limit one another to who we can impact.

I’m sure many people would not believe how much the Lord has used the music of these men and others like JGivens, Propaganda, Jackie Hill Perry, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, etc to impact me over the last year. The Lord uses your gifts and talents to impact those who you intend and those you don’t intend. You never know how he’s going to use you.

I am so thankful for people sharing their stories through music. Music speaks to me. I may not be able to write it or play it well but I appreciate it. God uses it on a daily and I mean daily basis to talk to me and remind me of who he is and what he is doing. It helps me to process through what I am going through and realize that I am not alone.

I look forward to continue to listen to these artists and come across more. I hope that they keep making this great music and sharing what the Lord has laid on their heart. I know that what they are sharing resonates with people all over the place, from all different walks of life. If you haven’t listened to any of these artists, I encourage you to do so. They will bless you!


If you get the chance to go to a show, stick around for a bit and talk to them. They all stayed after and talked to those that hung around. That was so awesome of them, as I am sure they were exhausted but they took the time to interact with their fans. They didn’t just sign albums but actually had real conversations. I appreciate what these guys do and what they stand for. I really can’t wait to see how the Lord keeps using them.