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I went to dinner with my friend the other night and she made this beautiful analogy about being in a waiting room and our relationship with Jesus. She made a lot of beautiful analogies actually. Analogies and metaphors are something that really stand out and speak to me when I am trying to learn something.

Her analogy was of us being in a waiting room. She had told me of this story where she took one of her employees to see her mom in the hospital. Now this girl’s mom was having kidney failure and the doctors said she was unresponsive. She couldn’t communicate and was in dire straits. My friend told me that since they were not family they couldn’t go into the ICU with this girl. So she and another woman waited in the waiting room. They felt helpless but cried out to Jesus, praying and asking for him to work.

My friend called her friend, a chaplain in the area. She was somewhat impatient and wanted someone to go in and do something. Long story short, she wasn’t able to come so my friend ended up praying that the Lord would open the doors for her to be able to get into the room and be able to pray. This woman was in the cardiac ICU. Only family was supposed to be allowed but don’t you know the Lord literally made the doors open wide for her to go into this woman’s room. She had been trying to buzz in with no answer but a nurse came out and the locked doors opened wide.

My friend was able to go in to the room with this women and her daughter, who was my friend’s employee. This woman ended up being able to let them know the level of her pain and discomfort. She went from being unresponsive to responsive. My friend was able to pray with her and over her. She said it was such a beautiful experience.

It made her think about how in those moments where we have lost all hope and are so desperate as we are waiting for news from the doctor about our loved one or someone close to us, we often cry out to the Lord in desperation. We often put a lot of faith in him at the moment and ask for a miracle. But do we do that all the time? Or do we only do it in those moments that we are in the waiting room?

We expect him to move in a mighty way when we are sitting there waiting. We are expectant and we have no other choice, in those moments but honestly we should be desperately in communication with him on a regular basis. We should be expecting him to show up and move always. He is with us always. Why do we limit him only to those moments in the waiting room?

My friend said to me as we were talking that she wants to live like she is always in the waiting room and hopping to see him move in a mighty way. And I have to agree with her. I don’t want to get so complacent with my life and so comfortable that I am not expectant of what the Lord can do. I have seen him move in mighty ways and I know he can move in even bigger ways. I do not want to limit his miracles, signs, and wonders. I serve a mighty and powerful God. He is a supernatural God. He cannot be put into a box. He blows my mind and I can’t wait to see him do it again.

Shalom my friends!