I wasn’t going to write anything about this but I can’t help but feel compelled to. My heart literally aches for those who were affected by this tragedy. I literally cannot imagine seeing this happen or having something like this happen to me. I cannot fathom the aches and pains that friends and families must be going through right now. My heart goes out to each and every single person that has been affected by this.

I am sorry for them that they can’t even mourn, as this has turned into a political and religious crusade. I am sorry that we as humanity cannot put aside our differences and be there for one another. I would want people to be there for me, if I was going through something like this. It’s sad to me that events that should unite us are tearing us apart.

We know that this is not the first thing that we have experienced, even in the recent past that should have brought us together but instead has caused further frustrations and hurts. We are all people. We all have feelings. We are all just trying to make it through each day. We all need support and help from time to time.

I wish we could allow people to mourn and process through probably the most horrific moment of their life. I would hope that people would show me this courtesy, if I went through something like this. I am happy to see how many people have turned out to give blood. That simple act of giving and little bit of sacrifice was beautiful. It was such a simple gesture but spoke volumes.

For those who are hurting and dealing with the losses. I am so beyond sorry for what you are having to experience. Know that you do have support and people on your side. We may not know you but we are praying for you and hope that you are able to find some form of peace and comfort during this time. My deepest condolences to you and your family. And may those who were injured heal quickly as well. May you find strength and comfort in the days and weeks ahead.

Life is so short and so precious. Why do we end up wasting so much of it on fighting and arguing, when we could be loving and helping one another. I say this to myself as well. This event has reminded me that there is so much more to life than what I have been experiencing.