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I feel compelled to write a post about everything that has been in the news.  I wanted to post a video but honestly I don’t know that I could keep it together. My heart physically hurts for the pains that occurring, the deaths that are occurring. We cannot deny that there is racism in this country. There is clearly something not right with the justice system in this country. People are not treated equally. And my friends, some people are in denial about it.

You should not have to be scared of the police. You should not have fear for your safety or assume that the worst is going to happen. Moms should not be terrified for their sons to grow up in this country. You should not have to fear these things just because of the color of your skin.

As a white female I do not have to have these fears. But I have these fears for my friends, my church family, for the man that I love. White friends, we cannot stand by and not say anything. We can’t go about our lives anymore and pretend as if it is not happening. We need to support the black community. We need to stand by them and mourn with them. We cannot claim ignorance any longer. We need to seek to actually change things. We need to work together.

My heart breaks so badly. I just pray and pray. I can’t sleep as I know that people are in fear for their safety. We cannot keep allowing black men to be treated differently based on stereotyping and assumptions. No I was not there when any of the instances occurred but when clearly this many people see that there is something wrong with what is going on…there is something wrong with what is going on.

So as I have seen many other white people do, (I hope to see more), I am sorry for the pain and hurts and the way that you are being treated. It’s not fair and it’s not right. My heart hurts so badly for you. Please know that I want justice and that I support you. I want to do my part to help rectify this. Please know that there are white people who see and are woke and want to do more and what to understand. We want to talk and we want to help. Please now that I am so sorry that we are not further along with this. Please know I love you and I mourn with you.

I no longer want to be on the sidelines. As Christians, specifically white Christians, we should not be on the sidelines. We should be uniting together. Where is the love for your fellow man and brother? We should be praying with and for one another. We should be looking to help bridge this gap and look to love on and mourn with those who are hurting.

We should not be dividing. The Tweets and Facebook posts against those who are speaking out, has got to stop. This is the time when we should be uniting together and encouraging one another. It’s time to speak up. What an opportunity we have in this moment to do better and be better. Show the black community that they are not alone in this fight, that they have others on their side. America, Christians, give me a reason to believe and hope in us. This is too much and too important. Please consider what you can do to help change this country around and be better than it’s ever been, where everyone is truly equal and free.

I love you all!