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So I don’t know where everyone else is at or what the Lord has planned for you. I don’t know what he’s laid on your heart or what you are passionate about. What I do know is where I am at and what the Lord has laid on my heart. And I’m hoping that it can encourage you.

Maybe it’s your time and everything has happened for the moment that is going on right now for you. Maybe you were created for such a time as this. Maybe it’s time for you to open your mouth and speak out. Maybe it’s time for you to take that leap of faith and stop saying why me. Maybe he called you because you are humble and you are willing. Maybe he wants you because you know you are only strong with him. Maybe he’s ready to blow your mind and show up in a way that you never expected. Maybe he wants to use you in a mighty way. 

What’s keeping you from seeing that you were created for such a time as this? Yes maybe you feel as though you’ve been stuck and waiting for what may feel like forever. That’s how I’ve felt. I’ve gone through all the whys and how much longer. But read the story of Esther. She was prepared for a year before she met the king and she helped to save her people from death.

Maybe he’s been preparing you and growing you. Maybe he’s been teaching you and making you so dependent on him for something so much bigger than you ever imagined for yourself. Maybe he’s raised you up for such a time as this! 

Will you say yes? Will you go where he has called you? Will you love those he surrounds you with? Will you spread his love? Will you speak up?

I hope so! I know I am!