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This is a brief start to a very real and passionate discussion I want to have. It’s one I’ve been having and one that needs to be had more often. Christians there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single…even into your late 20s. You are no less you. You are your own person. Women especially need to realize this. Do not let a man define you. Yes it’s great to have a help mate and it’s nice to have a family but it’s ok if it doesn’t happen right away. There is nothing wrong with you. You are of no less value. You are still loved. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Do not settle for less than what you deserve. A man does not define you. You can accomplish so much as a single woman. Enjoy the freedom you have to move and do things. It’s going to disappear when you do find someone and have a family. You are strong with the Lord and he can use you without a man in your life. This isn’t to bash marriage. I’m just tired of people bashing singles. Love you all! Stay tuned for further thoughts on this and other exciting things!