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Why do we seem to only be inspired in the midst of heartache or love? Why does someone else have to inspire us? Why can’t we be inspired by ourselves? Or by the Lord? I know this can be an over generalization. But seriously…why does it seem like most music and poetry is inspired by these extremes? Why can’t our friends and family inspire us? Why can’t we write and take take pictures of things that make us happy outside of another person. It just seems like we put so much emphasis on other people in this. We lose us and who we are. We are our own person without someone else. Are we blessed when we find someone who does inspire and encourage us? Of course! And if love inspires you that is wonderful. Love and heartache bring me to writing and creating all the time. But you can be inspired and do great even on our own. 

Trust me when I tell you that you are magnificent on your own. God loves you as you. He created you as you and nobody else. He has great things for you as you! Be inspired by that! He will use you as you. Just a quick thought I had to mention! 🙂

Be inspired! Don’t limit what inspires you!