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What if we really posted the truth on our social media? What if we didn’t just try to put up the good things or the exciting things in life. I am particularly talking about Instagram and Facebook. I realize that blogs can be a bit more truthful. (Take some time and go back through my old posts.) I think we are vulnerable and open when it comes to those that we can’t see and don’t know. So generally on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter, we are following people that we know and see on a regular basis. So we only want to show the good things that are happening or share if there is a testimony or request prayer in the most trying of times.

What if we posted about the mundane and most boring of things that we all do in our daily lives? We could be posting our daily chores and tasks that we do. Now if we do exciting things as part of our profession, we sometimes show those things. Maybe you play music or sing. Possibly you preach or speak and others will post pictures of you.

But we don’t post pictures of our laundry or the ironing that we are doing. We don’t post pictures of vacuuming or the tears that are streaming down our face every night as we battle the same hurts and fears that we have been fighting for years.  Or we could post pictures of the dishes piled high in the sink or the dust that collects on our bookshelves. I could show you the pile of cat food that my cat has spilled out of his bowl or the crumbs on the counter and floor. But I guess that isn’t exciting or interesting to anyone. We don’t even want to look at it ourselves.

Now thankfully I have spent the past few days cleaning my apartment so I wouldn’t be nearly as embarassed as I would’ve been to take the simple pictures of my bedroom or living room. (Clearly my kitchen still needs some work!) But of course even when we do take pictures of our places, we take multiple pictures to get the right angle and then we select the right filter to get the right shading. We don’t use the first picture that we took and then we strategically position things so that it looks the best.

We have to portray a certain image for everyone to see. We have to appear a certain way. There is no way that we are going to not get the most likes compared to our neighbors. It’s a competition all the time to see who can get the most likes and tell the most about our lives without actually telling the most about our lives. Truthfully, we are only showing part of the picture because we are too scared to truly let someone in. They may not actually like us or they may realize that we do actually live a very simple and boring life.

Could it be that we really do like to just sit at home at night and watch a documentary or read a book? Maybe we don’t feel like we have to go out every night and be friends with every person. It can be fun to just stay in and play board games or work on our blog.  While I fully support going out and living life, because there is more than the four walls that you live in, I wish that we didn’t try to then portray a fake life sometimes. I wish we didn’t try to compare ourselves to others and forget that they have probably done the same thing that we did to get that perfect picture to depict what was actually a mediocre moment.

I know that I will continue to do it, so will you, and millions of other people because that is the nature of our society. I just think it would be interesting to show what life is really like for us for a day. Maybe I will do that for my next post! I’ll take pictures of my day with no filters, that were the first shot. I know it won’t win me an award because I’m not a fancy photography and I don’t have a fancy camera but as I write this, I have intrigued myself with this idea. Even if no one else does, I will enjoy the process of it.

It’s kind of nice leading a simple life sometimes. I’m going to miss the nights where I have been able to sit in the quiet of my apartment. Because life will get busy and things will change. These are just my thoughts on this topic…