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I took some time to watch a more positive and uplifting documentary. This one is about a Pastor in South Korea who has taken in several children and raised them as his own, when their birth parents were unable or unwilling to spend the time and money that was required to raise these children with special needs.

The name of the documentary is called The Drop Box.

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Pastor Lee saw a meaning and purpose in the lives of these children, after he and his wife had a son that was born with special needs. At first he said that he questioned this but then he saw purpose in his son. He saw purpose in his life and how it changed his own view of the world. He knew that he needed to do something about all the children that were abandoned in his town and country. He wanted to save these children.

At the time that the film was made, he said that 354 children had been put into the drop box that he created. Apparently there is a great deal of controversy surrounding these drop boxes. He isn’t the only one who has created something similar. Some people claim that it actually promotes people abandoning their children. I don’t personally think that this is the case. In the United States there are safe haven laws and the ability of women to leave their infants at hospitals or fire stations without retribution or punishment.

This man saw a problem in his country and decided to do something to fix it. He recognized the significance and value in these children’s lives. At the time this documentary was created, he had 15 children that he was raising. He loves these children as though they are his own blood children. He spends the time and money to take care of these kids and ensure that they have a happy life.

While many people, including this pastor, think that they can’t raise a child with special needs, you can do it. Many people do it every day. It will require extra sacrifice but the Lord can provide. The Lord changed Pastor Lee’s mind and heart, allowing him the passion and ability to care for so many children with special needs.

I encourage you, if you can take a moment and give a donation to this beautiful mission. He is loving those who are unloved and overlooked. He is demonstrating Christ’s love, mercy, and compassion on these children. Through this, one of his son’s that he has taken in said that he wants to continue his father’s work and then in turn pass it down to his children. While you may not have the ability to personally take in a child, please do consider helping to fund this ministry so that he may continue to do a mighty work in the lies of these children and in his country.

Here is the link to the website:  The Drop Box donations