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Sitting here as I am basically a bystander to this couple’s first date, makes me feel inspired and laugh inside. He has talked about some girl and said that they are more like brother and sister in their relationship. Probably to reassure this girl sitting across from him that he’s not interested in that particular girl. You’ve got to put that person that you are on the date with at ease. She can’t be wondering, whether or not you are playing the field. In all honesty, and I wish I could tell her this, this other girl is probably an ex-girlfriend. And he probably is trying to feel this situation out.

In the next breath they are talking about his hygiene habits and when he brushes his teeth. He just told her that he only brushes them once a day. Sir, she will not be kissing you, if that is the case. And he said he does it at night versus in the morning, which doesn’t make logical sense. For what purpose did you just tell her that? I really am wondering. To each his own I guess.

Can you tell that I am a people watcher? I enjoy watching interactions between people. They make me smile. He’s definitely trying to show off for her and feel out what she wants to hear. My question is, why can’t you just be yourself? Why do you feel like you have to be a particular person. If she doesn’t know you and doesn’t like the real you, then she’s not right for you. We spend so much of our lives putting on a show and trying to be a certain person to attract a certain type of person that I wonder how much we really show our true selves to people.

Instead we feel each other out and see if we can eventually one day open up and be ourselves with them. Sometimes we let the mask off and show ourselves but I wonder how many more people we could really connect with, if we were actually ourselves from the beginning. And I understand there is some level of social etiquette and professionalism that has to occur in various situations. But I still do wonder.

Now he eventually moves on to then talk about his pre-screening questions that he asks girls. I really do not understand how this girl is sitting there listening to him and taking any of this seriously.  Now I agree that there needs to be some questions and standards that you put into place. However, deliver this is a tactful manner and conversational manner. Not like a quiz or something. I don’t understand this conversation that they are having. This guy would’ve turned me off the first few moments of this conversation. But to each his own. Everyone has their own type that they are attracted to and interested in right? This guy is not my type by any means, both physically and personality wise.

Coffee shops are great places to people watch and to think about your own standards and expectations. I came here to write something else, as coffee shops inspire me and motivate me. However, they often take me in a different direction. This was not the adventure that I thought I was going to experience this evening but currently nothing is the adventure that I am expecting it to be.

I hope that you have a great coffee shop experience in the near future. Maybe it will motivate your or get you pondering one of life’s great mysteries.