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I literally just spent probably close to 30 minutes mindlessly surfing through my social media accounts, getting down on myself about my life and where I am at based on what others have told me gives meaning to my life. At this time of my life, I am supposed to have gotten married to someone and had at least one child, if not a small herd of them. I am supposed to basically have my whole life figured out.

At this point of my life, I do not. I am currently single and not dating anyone. This does not mean that I am not in love. I am very much in love. But that’s another story (aka a much longer blog post) for another time. And with that, I do not have a child. And that should make me feel some kind of way, inadequate, maybe, especially according to the Christian world.

Let me tell you though what I have accomplished in the last few months. I finished a mentorship program with one of the largest Christian organizations in the United States. I finished my graduate degree in Education. I was demoted, only to then be promoted two weeks later.  This means that I now have about 30 people underneath me, that I manage on a daily basis. I have started to network with other female entrepreneurs. I have started writing a book and I’m about to become part of a mentoring program.

What I realize is that, in all honesty, this is just the start. I have spent so much time being so self-conscious and so focused on how I feel like I am measuring up to this idea of what I am supposed to be at this point in my life.  But I have accomplished so much as a single female, with just Jesus by my side. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I personally cannot deny that.

None of us are on the same path and no one’s path is less important and valuable. We are all asked to experience certain things and then help to interact with those who are walking the same way. Keep speaking up and talking about the stage that you are in, whether it means that you are a newlywed in your early twenties or someone in your late twenties who still isn’t married and is trying to navigate whether or not you can be friends with someone that you are in love with.

Appreciate the story that you are the main character of. Make it your own and explore every avenue and pathway that is placed in front of you.  Don’t settle to be a bystander and minor character in your own narrative. Take ownership of your role and the impact that you can have.

I know that for me, it’s allowing for more adventure and experiences. I hope that it allows for you to go to new places and levels, experiencing parts of you that you didn’t know existed. Keep living your life and don’t allow someone else to dictate what is a full and successful life.