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The hopeless romantic comes out in me every time that I watch this movie. It has to be my favorite movie from growing up. While some say that Disney has ruined the idea of true love, it helps me to dream and believe in the impossible and unlikely.

Here is the thing. I don’t want perfect. I’ve never wanted perfect. Because well…quite honestly, I am not perfect. How am I to expect that someone else will be perfect, when I am not perfect. What I do hope for is someone who loves me with all of my imperfections and will support me. I hope that they support me in ways that I am not looking for or expecting.  I want someone who is going to support me, as much as I am going to support him. It’s a partnership right? This isn’t supposed to be one-sided. We are supposed to complement each other and balance one another.

Beauty and the Beast did make me tear up a lot when I saw it the first time in theaters. I wasn’t expected it. I thought it would just take me back to my childhood. No, it was so much more than that. It brought a lot of emotions and feelings to me.



When she says the part about wanting more than her provincial life, I lost it. If you know the story, that is pretty close to the start. There is a real process and growth that she goes through on her own even in this movie. It’s neat to watch these movies that I loved as a kid, now as an adult. Because of course I own the original and have watched that several times over the last couple months, though I hadn’t watched it in years.


There are so many levels and layers to this movie, as there are to real love. It’s not necessarily easily. It comes out of nowhere and requires that both people make a choice for it to work. It’s painful and messy but so worth it at the same time. Learning to love is an ever evolving process. And each love story is unique.