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I recently came across a quote that someone posted on their Instagram and it made my heart smile.

“Dear Woman,
Sometimes you’ll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
Too beautiful,
Too strong.
Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman.
The biggest mistake you can make
Is removing jewels from your crown
To make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand
You do not need a smaller crown—
You need a man with bigger hands.”

-Michael Reid

Ladies, do NOT settle for anything less than who you are. We always try to change ourselves to try and attract a certain type of man. Be YOU! The man that will come alongside you, will be able to handle all of you. You are beautiful inside and out. (I need this reminder, being a single woman in my late 20s. -phew especially in Christian culture.) Love you and embrace yourself. Know your worth! You are loved and beautiful!<3