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Why do we not take the time to be informed or look to social media for our information about the events that are occurring in the world around us? Why do we not take the time to look into the news and find out the truth for ourselves. We would rather it just be spoon fed to us and told how to think and what to believe because it’s easier that way. We don’t have to challenge our own thoughts and values. We can just feel and believe how someone else tells us to. It’s easier that way right? Why be an individual and challenge the status quo? Why make a ripple and cause dissension? Why stand up for what’s right and just? It’s easier to just sit on the sidelines and not worry about putting in any effort. No one is going to listen to us or notice us anyway, right? That’s how I have felt in the past. And every time that I feel like I have something that I should fight for and something that I should stand up about, there seem to be all sorts of things in the way to keep me from actually succeeding and making a change.

Let me give you my example of today and how I ended up writing this blog. I have been thinking about how I wanted to get involved with working with the youth and mentoring. Let me tell you, this has been on my mind for years. I have tried at multiple churches to get involved in their youth groups and I’ve been looked over or not been the right fit. I wanted to teach high school, and well I’m not yet.

A few months ago, at this point, I went to a meeting of women entrepreneurs and I felt so on fire to get involved again. One lady suggested getting connected at the YWCA because I shared my passion for wanting to connect with younger women and helping them in their journey. I put it off for works and then called. The lady who runs the program was out. I let a few more weeks go by and then called again. This time I was told that I was to come down and fill out a volunteer application in person. Great, I’ll do it by the end of the week. We are now at two weeks later. I’m ready early for the day so I decide to get my butt off my couch and go down. It feels right and like it’s the time. I put the address in my GPS, and it says that they are closed today.

Now, you could say it’s my own fault for delaying and putting this off. You can say, well maybe it’s not the right time. And give me all sorts of other reasons why I shouldn’t pursue this. I have been giving myself all sorts of reasons why not to pursue this as well. But I will not let this disappointment keep me from doing it this time. I have put it off for far to long and know that I have this passion and desire on my heart for a reason.

Now this may seem like I’ve diverted quite a bit from where my blog originally started but I assure you that it didn’t. My heart has been breaking as I keep looking at the state of where things are in our country. The state of the education system and the level of involvement that people have in their communities. I have finally decided to actively engage in my community and it’s like wall after wall is preventing me from getting involved. Because I am finally tired of not giving back and not investing. I want the kids that are growing up to know that they are of importance and that they have a voice and can make a difference, even when it seems like everything is against them. I’m a living testimony of that.

And maybe that’s why I am going through it. So I can relate to them. Yes we will face adversity and yes people won’t support you or believe in you but you have to believe in yourself. You are not alone in this. We all feel this way and we all have to overcome something to get to where we are trying to go. But we should not give up when it gets hard. Nothing that is worth it ever comes easy. It’s something that I have to remind myself of and I want to help remind others of.  It’s part of why I write and why I want to speak and invest in those around me.


Honestly, I know that this is just the beginning and I need to keep pursuing. I hope that you all keep pursuing whatever passion and desire that has been laid on your heart. Share your story with someone. We all need a little inspiration and encouragement from time to time. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and goals or to make a difference.