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I realized this morning that I wanted to explain part of the reason why I posted the piece that I did last night. Over the past week, I have had multiple conversations with people, who do not know each other and have brought up the importance of not settling into mediocrity and less than what you deserve. I heard it from three different people. For me when something is presented three times, it’s definitely something I need to pay attention to.

It led me to write the piece that I posted last night. While it seems that it is directed toward past relationships, it’s also for those who have doubted me and my abilities.  This is in response to many people throughout my life. They make assumptions about what I can and cannot do. I am sure that we all have people like that in our lives.

For some, it breaks a person’s spirit, and it has done that to me, time and time again. For some it inspires them and motivates them to go harder. It gives us the gumption and mentality that I will prove them wrong. God is up to something in my life and I am fully invested in what that is.  I will not be completely crushed or destroyed any longer. I will not sit by idly. This may not look how you think it should, nor how I thought it should but Jesus’ hand is in it and he knew how it was going to be the whole time.

Through this process of finally coming to this realization, it has led to some very isolated moments and times where I have felt more alone than I ever thought possible. It has opened the doors though to some great conversations with people who feel the same way. There are many people who are going after “the more” that I wrote about a few weeks ago and feel just as lonely as I do. And in reality, we are not alone. And we can encourage each other not to settle for mediocrity and less than what we deserve.

I’m learning the importance of maintaining community and having heartfelt conversations with people about these things. The Lord has provided me the right people in each moment to keep me going. It surprises me every time and blesses me in such unexpected ways.

If you want something, go for it no matter how many times you may seem to have been beaten down. Rarely are things of worth easily handed to us. We have to invest and fight for it. Jesus will give you the tools to make it, even if it means isolation for a time.

Don’t settle my friends. You are worth so much more. Don’t let lack of support from people bring you down. Use it as fuel for the fire. Know that you are not alone.


Stay tuned for my upcoming post about why joining Teach For America would have been settling for me, even though I want to teach.

Have a blessed Monday!