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I refuse to be a placeholder

I will not be some kind of settlement

You cannot play me like a yo-yo

Picking me up and putting me down

Choosing when I fit into your life

Without any concern for me.

I am a catch

The one who is worth the wait

I’m the prize at the end of the race

The thing that you strive to attain

And work to keep

The one that you do anything to get.

I will not be rag doll

Whom you toss to the side

That you beat up

Or forget about.

I am worth so much more than that

It’s not my fault that you missed out

Don’t come cry to me

When you wake up

And change your mind

You had your chance

You made your choice

And I’ve moved on.

That’s what happens

When a woman learns

Who she is

Knows her worth

And goes after what she wants.

She won’t settle.

She won’t look back.

She won’t dwell on the past.

Instead I will move on.

I will look forward.

I will leave you all

To just be distant memories

And nothing more than lesson’s learned.

I will not be a placeholder

Nor will I be someone to settle on.

I know my worth

I know what I want

And I will settle for nothing less.